So what is Spagett?

Growing up with an appreciation of the arts and all creative mediums, we were always looking for an outlet. Whether that be the traditional path of "art", the pop medium, video games, music, and not least not, of course, food.

The importance put on me for food is more than just substance, its art, its love, it's a way to turn a shit day into a good one, it's way to turn sickness into comfort, it can flash you instantly back to a time of happiness, as the french say "I live to eat, not eat to live."

I will never forget one of my first experiences in the North East, my co-founder/CEO Ravioli Rob's, he doesn't know how profound an impact this had on me. Before that pasta was just a red sauce, spaghetti with meatballs, maybe lasagna one night? Delicious but nothing mind-blowing, then one fateful day, he asked me if I wanted a sandwich? I said "Sure Mike, Ham with Mustard and Mayo?" The look of disgust was palatable, I knew my Pacific and West Coast roots were being tested, and now my new North East friends were testing me. He took control of the situation, what he handed me was nothing short of a revelation. Prosciutto, Capocollo, and Salami, doused in some Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar, with a little mozzarella on a hard baguette. Nothing was ever the same after that day. The gnocchi was the way, Anglotties was the delicacy, the red sauce was the medium, and pasta with your Turkey Day became a family norm in my household.

I grew up around Italians and Jewish people (being the one of the few WASP aka Euro of a fuck fest mix), their love and adoption of me into the culinary world is something that I cherish and take with me and respect to this day. No longer did my Meatballs fall apart because I had the backings of a dozen Italian mothers ready to correct and educate, no longer was my sauce bland and jar-like because I knew the ways.

We want to give back this love of pasta dishes with these unique works of art that represent my and RaviolliRob's love for gaming while honoring our love for everything pasta. This project means more than just a picture on a screen, it represents the years of love for the space I have, the countless hours in the kitchen perfecting my Sunday sauce, the lost carbonara's, and the burnt garlic bread RIP. This is for everyone who ever knew what it was like to have a plate so full yet they won't stop putting more on it, not because of choice but because this is the way. This is for the love of the NFT space and what as a group we can bring, we want this to be the jumping point for a whole world of culinary appreciation and we want to start with where it began for both of us, pasta & gaming.

- SpagettxSauce